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2023 Dissonance UK / 3CD Digi

1 Bible Basher
2 Forever Hate You
3 Standing In The Flames
4 Remnant Of A Hopeless Path
5 The Gift That Keeps On Giving
6 Halls Of Warship
7 Suffer Again
8 Worst Enemy
9 Apocalyptic Fear
10 Refusal Of Penance
In Torment In Hell
1 In Torment In Hell
2 Christ Don’t Care
3 Vengeance Will Be Mine
4 Imminent Doom
5 Child Of God
6 Let It Be Done
7 Worry In The House Of Thieves
8 Lurking Among Us
When Satan Lives
1 When Satan Rules His World
2 Blame It On God
3 Bastard Of Christ
4 They Are The Children Of The Underworld
5 Serpents Of The Light
6 Slave To The Cross
7 Lunatic Of God’s Creation
8 Oblivious To Evil
9 Once Upon The Cross
10 Believe The Lie
11 Trick Or Betrayed
12 Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
13 Deicide
14 Father Baker’s
15 Dead By Dawn
16 Sacrificial Suicide

Deicide - Bible Bashers

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