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2022 Vic Germany /  One of the leading German thrash metal band is without doubt Destruction. Together with Kreator, Tankard  and Sodom they are the  known as The Big Teutonic 4.  Formed in 1982, the original Destruction line-up featured vocalist and bassist Schmier, drummer Tommy Sandmann and guitarist Mike Sifringer. In 1989, during the initial recording sessions of the fourth studio album ‘Cracked Brain’, Schmier was fired from the band and was replaced by Poltergeist frontman André Grieder. After this album  Guitarist Mike Sifringer remained and continued to release material till 1998 under the moniker of "Neo-Destruction". Now officially considered as non-Destruction releases. In 1999, that line-up was disassembled and Schmier rejoined with the addition of new drummer Sven Vormann, returning the real Destruction as a trio. They recorded a 3 track demo the same year to score a new record deal. This demo brought back DESTRUCTION and was the cornerstone for their comeback and all new albums up till today. 1. Bestial  Invasion,

2. The Butcher Strikes Back
3. World Domination of Pain. 
4. ShellSchock (Tank cover, previously Japan only), 
5. We are The Roadcrew (Motorhead cover previously Japan only), 
6. Alliance of Hellhounds (Schmier only version,  previous Japan only), 
7. Machinery of Lies (Live at Wacken)
8. Bullets From Hell (live at Wacken)
9. Tears of Blood (live at Wacken)
10. Invincible Force (live at Wacken)
11. Bestial Wacken Incident (live at Wacken)
12. Bestial Invasion (live at Wacken)

Destruction - The Butcher Strikes Back CD

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