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2019 Rare Diamonds Productions / 2LP Color Vinyl


Side One
1. Kiss Me Like a Cobra
2. Dedication (I Give My Blood)
3. Burn It Up
4. Give Me A Reason
5. Who You love
6. Scarred
7. Ich will alles
8. White Wedding
9. I Wanna Live
10. Love Me Forever feat.Lemmy Kilmister
11. Fuel
12. Constant Danger
13. Black Rose
14. Now Or Never (Hope in the Darkest Hour)
15. Danke
16. Alone Again
17. I Want More
18. Rip Me Apart
19. I Adore You

Side One
A1. Kiss Me Like A Cobra
A2. Dedication
A3. Burn It Up
A4. Give Me A Reason
A5. Who You Love
Side Two
B1. Scarred
B2. Ich will alles
B3. White Wedding
B4. I Wanna Live
B5. Love Me Forever
Side Three
C1. Fuel
C2. Constant Danger
C3. Black Rose
C4. Now Or Never
C5. Danke
Side Four
D1. Alone Again

Doro - Calling The Wild (Vinyl)

  • The availability of this title from our distros can go out of stock at any time or can increase in price. This will only be confirmed after an order is placed. The estimated shipping time is MAY 10th. If the price has increased you will be sent an invoice for the increased amount. If no longer available from our distros, the amount will be refunded.
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