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2022 Back On Black 6 CD Set

For 25 years Keep Of Kalessin has been pushing the boundaries of extreme metal, even coining their own genre which they call Epic Extreme Metal. Still being one of the outsiders in the norwegian scene, the accolades this band has collected however, are nothing more than impressive. Nearly every album have received top scores and praise from the worldwide metalscene and even giving the band a second place on the norwegian charts, two norwegian grammy nominations and a 3rd place in the norwegian Eurovision.

This boxset sums up the career in one box! If you still haven’t gotten your hands on Keep Of Kalessin’s catalog, then this is the perfect chance to get everything in one scoop! Featuring all 6 full-length albums with some bonus material as well as artwork specially designed for the box, this is the perfect boxset to get into Keep Of Kalessin or as a long time fan collectible before the new album launches in early 2023.

Now available exclusively through Back on Black.

CD1 Track List (Through Times Of War)
1. Through Times Of War
2. Den Siste Krig
3. As A Shadow Cast
4. I Choose To Suffer
5. Skygger Av Sorg
6. Obliterator –
7. Nectarious Red / Itch (Hidden Track)

CD2 Track List (Agnen - A Journey Through The Dark)
1. The Dryland
2. As Mist Lay Silent Beneath
3. I Deny
4. Pain Humanised
5. Orb Of Man
6. Dragonlord
7. Towards I Roam
8. Agnen

CD3 Track List (Armada)
1. Surface
2. Crown Of The Kings
3. The Black Uncharted
4. Vengeance Rising
5. Many Are We
6. Winged Watcher
7. Into The Fire
8. Deluge
9. The Wealth Of Darkness
10. Armada
11. The Legacy Of Kings Outro

CD4 Track List (Kolossus)
1. Origin
2. A New Empire’s Birth
3. Against The Gods
4. The Rising Sign
5. Warmonger
6. Escape The Union
7. The Mark Of Power
8. Kolossus
9. Ascendant

CD5 Track List (Reptilian)
1. Dragon Iconography
2. The Awakening
3. Judgement
4. The Dragontower
5. Leaving The Mortal Flesh
6. Dark As Moonless Night
7. The Divine Land
8. Reptilian Majesty

CD6 Track List (Epistemology)
1. Cosmic Revelation (Intro)
2. The Spiritual Relief
3. Dark Divinity
4. The Grand Design
5. Necropolis
6. Universal Core
7. Introspection
8. Epistemology
9. Anima Mundi (Bonus)
10. Novae Ruptis (Bonus)

Keep Of Kalessin - Anthology

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