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2023 Svart Finland / 2LP Color Vinyl

The roots of speeding thrash metal stretch out to the early and mid 80’s. It did not take long for the waves arising from the shores of California, central Europe and the United Kingdom hit Finland hard as well. The guiding light of Finnish thrash metal from that era was Stone from Kerava, but the entire scene that was bubbling beneath the surface was surprisingly vivid for such a small country. As the old saying goes, in the late 80’s there was not a single town in Finland without a speed metal band. These dozens – or hundreds, to be more precise – of vivacious bands formed by the long-haired youth didn’t just stay in the basements of their parents’ houses. Soon the youth centres of every county and open-minded venues such as the legendary Lepakko in Helsinki would arrange wild speed and thrash metal gigs. Studios run by more experienced musicians such as Timo Tolkki from Stratovarius were fully booked by hungry young bands eager to record their future metal classics. Many bands released 7” singles and demo tapes by themselves or with support from a record company, yet most of them permanently stayed at the demo stage through the golden era of the eighties. Svart Records is set to release a compilation of the absolute top tunes culled from these sought-after, long-lost demo tapes and singles on vinyl and CD in October. No Future, No Past – Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion combines the strongest, rarest, and most obscure Finnish metal tracks from the years 1986-1992. Backgrounds of the bands presented on the compilation differ a lot from one another. Vendetta and Damage were born from the ashes of the members’ previous hardcore and punk bands. A.R.G. and Catalepsy got their feet in the door fast of record companies such as Poko Records and Megamania, while other metal acts from that time simply faded away. After a few decades passed, some bands saw it fit to restart their careers, Sacred Crucifix and The Hirvi being examples of such comeback artists. No Future, No Past – Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1986–1992 will be released on October 13th on a limited 2LP vinyl edition and CD version. The compilation is packed with 18 remastered tracks of pure Finnish metal mayhem and accompanied by a booklet that contains band histories, photos, and song details. The compilation’s predecessor Real Delusions: Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1987-1991 was released in 2018 and its limited vinyl edition was sold out in a heartbeat, so get this rare gem now before it’s too late!

No Future No Past - Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1986 1992 (Vinyl)


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