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2022 Dissonance UK / 3CD Digi

30-track triple CD package from legendary US thrashers Whiplash featuring three full albums from the period 1986-1989 when the band was signed to Roadrunner Records.
CD 1 – Power And Pain
1 Stage Dive
2 Red Bomb
3 Last Man Alive
4 Message In Blood
5 War Monger
6 Power Thrashing Death
7 Stirring The Cauldron
8 Spit On Your Grave
9 Nailed To The Cross
CD 2 – Ticket To Mayhem
1 Perpetual Warfare
2 Walk The Plank
3 Last Nail In The Coffin
4 Drowning In Torment
5 The Burning Of Atlanta
6 Eternal Eyes (Last Nail In The
Coffin, Pt.2)
7 Snake Pit
8 Spiral Of Violence
9 Respect The Dead
10 Perpetual Warfare (Reprise)

CD 3 – Insult To Injury
1 Voice Of Sanity
2 Hiroshima
3 Insult to Injury
4 Dementia Thirteen
5 Essence of Evil
6 Witness To The Terror
7 Battlescars
8 Rape Of The Mind
9 Ticket To Mayhem
10 4 ES
11 Pistolwhipped

Whiplash - The Roadrunner Years

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