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2022 Death Headz / 2CD

An immense compilation spanning over 2 hours and originally released by Tabu Recordings on CD. "Valfar, Ein Windir'' was released to honour Valfar's unfortunate passing in early 2004 and features covers, live recordings, unreleased tracks and re-recordings. Deathheadz is honoured to bring this monumental collection of songs out of the darkness and into the light for the first time on this format in the shape of a special edition double-cassette housed in a printed o-card.
Windir and Sognametal forever.
Official release, sanctioned by the masters.
Cassette 1:
1. Stri
2. Stridsmann
3. Dans på Stemmehaugen
4. The Profound Power
5. Dauden (Performed by Enslaved)
6. Ending (Performed by Finntroll)
7. Mørkets Fyrste (Performed by E-Head)
8. Destroy (Performed by Notodden All Stars)
9. Likbør (Performed by Weh)
10. Svartasmeden og Lunnamyrstrollet (Live)
11. Blodssvik (Live)

Cassette 2:
1. Soge II - Framkomsten
2. Krigaren si Gravferd
3. Sognariket Sine Krigarar
4. Byrjing
5. Arntor, ein Windir
6. Saknet
7. 1184
8. Journey to the End
9. Martyrium
10. Fagning
11. On the Mountain of Goats
12.  Sóknardalr

Windir - Valfar Ein Windir

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